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Instructions and Help about How To Merge Pdf Files With Jpg

Hi guys welcome back to saptech tv in this video i'll introduce you to the method to convert a jpg file to pdf and the procedure to combine more than one pdf files to a single pdf document we will also see more interesting options of file conversions so let's get started you can just google for pdf combiner and you can click on the first listing that is combined pdf when you click on that you will be taken to combine website over here you will see a number of tabs that is pdf2 doc file then pdf to text pdf to jpeg pdf to png pdf to svg pdf extractor pdf compressor and combined pdf and jpeg to pdf file we can use any of these options and all these conversions are done online and it is done very fast so the procedure is super simple and easy so let's start with jpeg to pdf option so i'll just click on jpeg to pdf tab so you have an upload files option just click on that button now here i have a number of jpeg files i'll choose this particular jpeg file front view i'll just click on open now it's converted to pdf now click on download and it's downloaded now just click on the pdf file and you can see that the jpg file is converted to a pdf file likewise i'm going to convert two more jpg files so i'll click on upload files and i'll choose friend view one and you can hold down the control key and choose view to and open so more than one files can be converted at a time that means batch conversion is possible in this procedure i'll click on download now i have three pdf files next we will see the procedure to combine pdf so i'll click on combine pdf here you can just click on the upload files button now i'm going to combine these pdfs which are converted just now so i'll hold down the control key and i'll click on view to these two files and there is a file called vip room which is already a pdf file so i'll just click on that vip room file and i'll give open now you can see all the files here if required you can click and drag to change the order of the pdf files so i'm going to keep it like this now i'll click on combine button now it's combined as a single pdf so click on the pdf file now just drag the mouse this is a first file you can see the count here one out of four and just drag it down there's a second file and there's a third file and this is the fourth file this is actually a project of a vip room so it will be very convenient to send this file to a client for presentation because we have ...