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How Can I Do A Mail Merge Into A PDF?

Save the PDF to your computer. Note the folder to which you saved it and note the name that you give to the document when you save it. Then go to the email you’re composing and add the PDF file as an attachment. The attachment icon in email is usually a paperclip image. Click that, then a dialog box opens up that lets you look through your files to select the PDF document and add it to your email. If your PDF file is too large for your email service (not likely but possible), you can utilize a sharable cloud storage service like DropBox. Once you download DropBox, you can add the PDF to DropBox and use the “Share” feature in DropBox to give the other party access to it (which you can do in DropBox by adding their email address to the list of Shared parties, but t may also need to download DropBox), and then you can email them a link to that document. But hopefully, none of this will be necessary because you will be able to successfully add the PDF as an attachment when you try it the first time.

Merge PDF: All You Need to Know

Download the PDF Go here and sign-up (if you don't already have a Google account). Once you do, you'll need to go to your Gmail account and copy the link to your own Google Drive that they have created for you. Once you have the file, right click onto it and click on “Save As…” to save it in your own Google Drive, then open up the document in your own Google Drive. Next, open up a new email in Gmail and put the link into the body. You may need to add another character after the email address so when it gets forwarded to you, it looks like “From:…” not just “From:…” . Now, you'll receive a confirmation, but then it will automatically be sent to you as an attachment.

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