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Mac Merge Duplicate Files: What You Should Know

Here are some ways to share folders with the Mac. Merge similar folder in macOS: Use Finder — Tweak Library Apr 28, 2024 — Use 'Duplicate'. If you have two folders, you can create a new folder, copy both, move the copied files into the new folder, click on 'Duplicate' and  Merge folders via Duplicate File Finder Apr 24, 2024 — Duplicate File Finder has been enhanced to allow you to merge related folders. Click the Share button to save the current folder in a new folder inside the destination in the Finder. Merge folders via Spotlight Mar 18, 2024 — Use 'Duplicate'. The hidden 'Merge' option is available in Finder. To use 'Merge' or a similar function, just double-click a file in one of two directories. Merge Folders in macOS: Use 'Merge' Mar 13, 2024 — Use 'Merge'. Press 'Merge All' button on the toolbar, to merge files in source. You can use 'Duplicate' to merge similar folder in destination, however, you can only copy-paste files if you have the 'Copy Item' option. Merge Folders In macOS: Use 'Merge' or 'Move' Jan 28, 2024 — It is now possible to move a renamed file to a new folder using Spotlight, when the directory where the original file resides is already a 'Merge' (not 'New') folder. What's New in macOS Sierra Merge Finder Tips — Tweak Library Jan 28, 2024 — Using Duplicate Finder now you can merge folders. To do this, you need to make a duplicate of Finder windows for two similar folders. In the Duplicate window of Duplicate Finder, click 'New'. Click 'Copy' icon to copy the new folder, and click 'Copy' icon to copy files in the two folders. Deleting duplicate file on the Mac — Create new folder inside it with Move to Sep 6, 2024 — Rename the original file inside two new folders in macOS Sierra, and press 'Move to' feature inside the two Duplicate Finder windows, to share original files.

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