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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing merge folders mac


How do I merge folders on a Mac without losing any data? I found an app called "Macmerge 1.0", but unfortunately it can’t run at the newest macOS.
Hi Bunny Mac OS X 1.7 Lion released in 211 added a hidden Merge option . To access it you have to hold down the Option key as you drag-and-drop a folder into the same location. If you do this you'll see a dialog with a Merge button and you can click it to merge folders like you would on Windows or Linux.
How do I merge two Finder folders with Mac OS X?
There are many applications like Folder Merger Folder Compare Big Mean Folder Machine and others in the App Store. Personally I need the merge option only whenpare folders with duplicate files so that I use Duplicate File Finder s which provides the option to merge folders.
How can I combine multiple PDFs into one file on a Mac?
You can actually do this with Automator very easily. First open Automator and follow these steps Choose Service italic as the of document to create when Automator opens. (or go to FileNew) Name it Combine PDFs italic or something similar At the top choose PDF Files italic in the Service Receives Selected italic drop down. Then choose Finder italic next to In italic Drag a Combine PDF Pages italic action to the workflow Drag the Move Finder Items italic action to the bottom of the workflow. This will move thebined PDF to the Desktop or wherever you choose. That it. Save the service. Then highlight 2 or more PDF files in Finder right click on them point to Services italic and select Combined PDFs italic . (or whatever you named the service). Then go to your desktop and you should see thebined file there. Of course you can tweak this to serve your needs. You could have the service ask you for a file name or whatever if that your desired behavior. The great thing about doing it this way is that it always available to you very quickly and there no need to launch other apps. Good luck.
What did Apple get right with Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion)?
With Lion Apple is moving away from an Application on paradigm and moving towards a constant state paradigm. By default if you clean install Lion there are no indicators under apps in the dock showing you what is running and what isn't running. This is because Lion is set to manage your running applications for you. If an application supports the resume and autosave features and has no open windows or running processes Lion will kill the GUI process while keeping it somewhat alive. This allows applications to start up again almost instantly while preserving resources. The user has no idea that this is happening in the background for them. This is probably one of the nicest features if you ask me. While many hate the way Mission Control treats their Spaces and Expose if you use it enough you will probably learn to love it. Windows can be spread in app Expose once you're in Mission Control so there isn't any functionality lost. Resume is a nice touch feature especially for software updates or installs where you have to restart when you didn't want to. Once theputer boots again you'll be presented with all your windows and applications as they were. Autosave includes support for versioning which means that that chunk of in your paper that you just deleted will still be there if you need it again. As for the things that it brought over from Windows file management resizing of windows is not a huge deal but is a nice touch I suppose. Using the corner wasn't killing anyone was it? Merging folders is nice but many will not use it because of old habits.
What is the best way to keep bookmarks?
What's the best way to keep track of all the bookmarks saved in your browser?
Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner a great solution for keeping your bookmarks in Safari browser under Mac clean and organized! This tool has many features - Finds duplicates very fast - Deletes all duplicates with one click - Selective deletion in list - Sorts all bookmarks with one click - Puts folders first - Deletes unnecessary empty folders - Merges folders with same names Here is the Bookmarks Duplicates Cleaner I highly rmend this tool! Regards Andrew
Are people who have switched from PC to Mac happy?
I switched from a top of the line HP Spectre to a maxed out MacBook Air upon entering college. Overall I am pretty happy with the switch however I see no really benefits over one or the other. Macs are more expensive for theirparable PC counterparts. MacOS is pretty solid but so is Windows and an Linux distro. Im aputer science major so having Unix built in under the hood of macOS is a big benefit and it has proven to be very useful. I find myself using and enjoying the terminal on macOS (I use iTerm 2) while I avoided Command Prompt and Powershell on Windows as much as possible. The Ubuntu Bash on Windows is pretty nice but it is sectioned off from Windows and is less useful than I had hoped it would be. The apps on macOS were the main reason I switched. However I haven really found any apps on macOS that I just HAVE to have on Windows that I can find a suitable substitute for. The cherry on top is that the Windows app tends to be free while macOS apps tend to be anywhere from $5 to $5. This could also be due to the fact that I have about 1 years of experience in looking for Windows apps while Ive only been looking for macOS apps for about 1 year. Those are just two cases that Ive found to be the most impactful. If you are currently debating between Mac or PC try to figure out what is most important to you. If you are looking for power stick with Windows. If you are looking for sleek hardware Mac may be a good choice but there are also some solid PC designs (Dell XPS). In the aesthetics department prices will beparable for performance. If you want something cost effective PC will offer you the best bang for your buck. For app support youll be good with any platform. All of the cool apps are made for Mac but PC will have solid app support too. There is just less press for Windows apps then there is for Mac apps. If you want more choices PC all the way. If you want to pay a premium for something thatll work perfectly go for a Mac. My Mac has definitely been more stable than my PCs and Ive heard great things about Apple support if anything does go wrong. There are actual Apple stores to visit if something goes wrong and their warranty will cover those visits. When my PC goes on the fritz Im usually forced to search for answers in online forums and sketchy YouTube videos. Overall Im happy with the switch but I don see it as a must make move. I be happy with either platform.
What is the best app for dealing with duplicate files for a Mac?
I use Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac . It's easy to use and versatile. You can use it to quickly find and delete duplicate photos videos music files documents and other s of duplicate files. It only takes 3 steps. Step 1. Add folder(s) or drive(s) to scan for duplicate files. Step 2. View and preview duplicate files. Step 3. The app will smartly automatically select duplicate files to delete. You only need to click the Delete button. Additionally it also provide different selection rules for you to choose from. It's easy and quick. Also it provides a number of advanced features and options. For example you can tell the app to skip specific folders and file s (such as .mp3 .pdf .mp4 etc.) during scanning. In addition to Mac it can also be used to remove duplicate files from external storage devices and cloud drives.
Which app is best for deleting duplicate files?
Source Remo Duplicate Photos Remover Remo Duplicate Photo Remover is an easy-to-use application which saves a lot of time by minimizing the tedious efforts used for searching your entire device for duplicate photos. It has the potential to find and list photos in sets taken in burst mode resized or HDR photos similar photos send by multiple contacts via WhatsApp or any other instant messaging application. Remo De-Dupe Algorithm Remo's proprietary intelligent De-Dupe Algorithm scans for duplicate or similar photos on your Phone. Afterpleting the scan it displays them in sets serving you with the option to delete the duplicate photos. The best part is even if you delete the entire set it will ensure one copy of the photo is still with you. How it works? Simply launch this application and click Similar or Exact Scan Choose the Sets you want to remove or you can filter the ones you don`t need from the Sets