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Why is it socially OK for women to ask their husbands to paint the house, open a jar, fix the car, shovel snow, etc., while a man cannot ask for a sandwich without coming across as sexist?
A scene from any given day in my householdcue wavy lines italic Baby can you make me a sandwich? Wife in kitchen doing her usually culinary magic. Poof. Youre a sandwich. Oh you got jokes. Yep. What do you want? Not picky surprise me. None of those fancy sandwiches either with cheeses from other worlds or strange meats I can pronounce. Laughter from the kitchen. Okay honey. One Surprise Sandwiching up. I go back to work writing. In fifteen minutes give or take a sandwich appears. How does this particular magice into being you might be asking incredulously? It happens because my wife and I agree that there are some things in our mutual household that one of us will do and the other probably won unless they are feeling particular spry or interested in doing that task. Laundry In my house I do the bulk of the general laundry. Towels casual clothing cat blankets and the like are all my responsibility. I sort organize wash dry fold and put away all of the laundry in my household. My wife will wash her own super-delicates because they have to be hung up to dry and she prefers to do that herself. However I help her with the task because with support a twenty minute task bes a seven to ten minute one. Cooking and Cleanup My wife does 9% of all the cooking in our household. Why? Because she loves to cook and experiment with food. She should be a chef and I suspect before it over we will try our hand at a restaurant or catering service. Her food is so damn good I weep every time I have dinner. We havee to the point we barely go to restaurants because they don meet our rigorous culinary standards. Yes I am blessed. To show my appreciation for those blessings she does not clean up after cooking. I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen after she puts away any leftovers. Housecleaning I do the bulk of the cleaning in the house. As an ex-military person my powers of cleaning in general were so ened by my time in the military I can clean a space the size of our house better and faster than anyone. My standards for cleanliness are higher so when I do it I am sure it is done to my standards. And its done right the first time. This isn to say my wife can clean house. We just both agree I do it better and faster than any sane person has any right to. It like one of my superpowers. Everyone hates the catbox. But we all love the cats. I tend to be the one to clean it more often than anyone else because I am up earlier in the morning and I have sensitive olfactory senses. If anything is awry there I smell it before anyone does and just handle it. The same goes for the trash. If the smell starts to bother me before the can is full it goes out and I take it happily. If she there and she needs to put more trash in it she either takes it herself or asks me to. Iply or don depending on what I am doing but if she cooking I tend to handle it because I want to facilitate anything which allows her next culinary delight toe into existence. Gardening My wife tends to do the outdoor gardening where food growing is involved. Yes I do help but she can be out there for hours so I give her support moving things where she needs them clean up the yard waste and let her putter for two or three hours with her plants. While she does that I clean the house and we are mutually satisfied. Her plants grow food the house stays clean. I will do the ornamental plants in the front of the house because I like flowers (yeah what about it) and enjoy taking care of them. Shopping We both hate shopping so we tend to do it together to get it over with as quickly as possible. We have a mutual pact that says whichever one of us is out if the other calls stopping at the store to pick up what on the board is done without too muching. We both grouse when we have to do it and do it anyway. There are likely other things I don mention but you should be able to get the gist of this conversation. Being married means you are in service to each other. Taking care of one another is what you agreed to do when you got married (and when you agree to date or cohabitate before marriage.) italic The Problem Zone What it sounds like you haven done is decided exactly what role youre going to play and establish what you will and won do. This is where most men go wrong. They think a woman should be able to get up in the morning send the kids to school get dressed for worke home care for the kids make dinner put the kids to bed and be ready for sex when youe to bed. italic Your contribution to this is to go to work and read the paper when you get home. If she isn asleep by the time you get to bed she will be. And rightly so. She is handling way too much and as far as I am concerned when this happens a woman is perfectly within her right to look at you crazy every time you ask for anything. In fact she shouldn have to ask you to do anything. See dirty dishes? Wash them. Towel basket smelling a little foul? Go to the laundromat and handle it. Car need washing? Get to it. Yard need sweeping? Why should anyone have to ask you to take care of YOUR stuff? Pride in your place should be enough to make that a reality. If your housework isn being distributed so everyone can get an equal amount of rest whatever that looks like in your house then nothing but resentment will take place no matter who isn pulling their weight. In conclusion Finally because this is a point most men also forget It isn what you say its how you say it. If you say Hey make me a sandwich and don forget the beer or some such other rude variation you should expect to get a sandwich laced with oleander or arsenic whichever is closer. Getting anyone to be interested in doing anything for you is 9% how you ask for it. The secret to not sounding like an asshole when you ask for a sandwich is simple Be so amazing that getting you a sandwich is just one part of an intricate dance of love and support where the sum of your relationship is greater than any individual act of support or service. Marriage is about being in service to one another. There is no greater gift to give a person you love than your act of service kindness andpassion. italic Done right sandwiches will appear without asking. My son is having an afternoon visit from one of his friends from school so I need to get his sporting equipment together. I hope what weve talked about helps you consider how to get a sandwich and stop thinking about sexism or whatever you think being married is all about. If you aren in a marriage to be of loving support stay single in your own apartment and make your own damn sandwiches. Nobody has time to be cleaning up behind you. Don be a sexist mkay? italic
What are some mirror less cameras with interchangeable lenses I should consider for "street" (hobby) photography? And lens suggestions. More interested in still photos but certainly should do video.
In my opinion the best mirrorless camera for street photography are the one that resembles the look of an old classic rangefinder rather than the one that looks like a vintage SLR or even modern DSLR. Stealth is everything so quiet shutter is highly desirable in street photography. My personal camera for street photography is Panasonic Lumix GX7 which is a Micro Four Thirds camera with sensor that is slightly smaller than APS-C and is almost quarter the size of a full frame. It has tilting LCD screen that can help you shoot on weird angles as well as an electronic viewfinder that also tilts upward as a bonus! The GX7 costs about US$ when I bought it last year but the price surely has dropped significantly and it can be found for US$ new on some retailer. It does generate good enough 16 megapixel files and the RAW output is nice enough for street photography which most of the time doesn't require ultra high resolution anyway. However as with the latest generation of Micro Four Thirds cameras it can produce a very sharp is in focus. With the latest Micro Four Thirds camera especially Panasonic video has be very good italic and you'll get a decent bitrate and codec for your video with plenty of FPS to choose for your video output. My GX7 will output a very decent 5FPS 18p video at 25MB so you'll get a very high quality files. You can also color-grade the video in Premier or other video editor to get a cinematic quality out of your video files in the GX7. As for the lenses that I use it's mostly Olympus 17mm f1.8 which gives an equivalent field of view of a 35mm in full frame term. Sometimes I would also use an Olympus 25mm f1.8 for a 5mm field of view in full frame term. They both costs around US$5. new. Other alternatives besides GX7 includes Olympus PEN E-P5 which is also a Micro Four Thirds camera Sony Alpha A6bined with it's Sonnar 24mm f1.8 or 35mm f1.8 or Fuji X series cameras including X-E1 X-E2 X-T1 X-Pro 1 X-M1 all paired with either 23mm f1.4 35mm f1.4. They are allparable to the GX7; and although they all have slight variation of features they are all suited for street photography and the lenses+bodybination will get you around US$15-25 at the most.
In Greece, when did they start to mark page numbers at their books when they write them?
Can I answer about Greek rather than Greece? In general pagination became routine some decades after the invention of printing. The First Printed Page Numbers I Love Typography s reports the first instance of printed page numbers (in Roman script) as being from 147. s s Although it is not until the rise of printing that we find standard pagination in books it was still far easier to navigate to and find a specific passage in a codex than in a bookroll. Polonsky Foundation Digitization Project Incunabula early printed books up to 15 present another set of problems. Like manuscripts they weren paginated or foliated at the time of creation but many include printed or handwritten signatures italic . But there was something tentative about the wording of most references I was finding online they were saying that page numbering was not routine until the invention of printing but not that it never happened. (Thomson Greek and Latin Palaeography italic OTOH did not even mention pagination in its index.) In fact Alan Mugridge book Copying Early Christian Texts s says that pagination did happen in early Christian codices (which means Greek s of the bible) 18% of the codices he surveyed starting from the second century AD. It not thatmon in Christian codices and it notmon in non-Christian codices either but it did exist. The fact that the most deluxe and renowned codices of the bible like the Sinaiticus were not paginated by their scribes shows that it was not seen as indispensable. And the practice may well have fallen into disuse in the Middle Ages. It doesn surprise me that much that early codices were paginated because Stichometry s existed in Greek papyri line numbering with a numeric indication against every 1 lines in a scroll. Pagination was a natural extension of that practice from 1-line groups in a scroll to pages in a codex. I haven got an answer for you as to when printed Greek s got page numbering; but given that pagination happened routinely by the 16th century it will have extended to Greek s printed in the West as well. It isn in the 1527 Corona Pretiosa italic s the first Modern Greek dictionary but Henri Estienne s was merrily using page numbers in his edition of Plato in 1578 FileEuthyphro Stephanus 1578 p s And in fact Plato to this day is cited by Stephanus (i.e. Estienne) page number and paragraph.
Is England a nice place to live?
Currently were facing the beast from the east so there was widespread panic today as much of the south west faced a few millimetres of snow! Seriously this much snow was able to send the school into panic as other schools were being sent home but ours still remained open. By 1pm the temperature at -2 degrees Celsius the head teacher decided to close school and we were all sent home. But of course I didn bring a coat; of course I had to walk for 3 miles through the snow because traffic was terrible. Now of course were used to plenty of rain a few thunderstorms that two week heatwave in June but snow especially in the south-west is practically unheard of. When the snow melts however and spring can finally begin you will find beautiful countryside fresh flowers blooming and birds tweeting. In the cities you will also find flowers blooming dogs walking and school children having fun without being cold. Of course there are less desirable areas in the uk and we have problems (just as any other country) but overall the UK is a pretty good (if a bit chilly) place to live.
Why is Krishna's complexion depicted as blue when he is actually black?
Until about 15 years ago Krushna was generally depicted with blackplexion - jet black or variations of black. Even the folios from Akber's copy of Shrimaad Bhagvatammissioned (16s) and pic of ShriNathji prior to 185s. Most stone and wooden statues of Krushna were also black at this point. Metal images were the only ones that were fair or golden. By the time of Pahari paintings (18s) Krushna is light blue in colour and no longer black. nEven in Rajasthan Krushna bes lighter shade of black. Even Shrinathji bes indigo blue in popular depiction. Now-a-days most stone statues of Krushna are made of white marble and he is depicted white - despite the fact that marble can be painted in shade of any colour they want. Indeed most marble statues are painted with clothes and jewels so they could paint it black if they want. All current representation of Krushna even on calendar art is waterdown version of black blue. This gorification (making everything fair (white)) of our ancient heroes is mainly because society now values fair skin colour above a dark one. This could be because we were ruled by fair and white skinned people for a number of centuries making us - themoners - consider fair skin to be a pre-requisite for power and position. I know - a bit too much pseudo psychology that smacks of reverse racism but i can't ex it any other way. As to why Krushna is black 3 n* Krush + na = He who attracts. Black colour absorbs heat. Black colour absorbs energy. As we know black hole even attracts light ! So Krushna is literally he who attracts and absorbs all things around him. He attracted the souls of the good and the great and even wicked people when they died merged with Krushna. No one 3 not even the evil is rejected. Such is thepassion of Krushna ! * Black is the colour of space and ether. Krushna is as boundless and endless as space. Vishnu hase to earth in many hues and skin tones. According to scriptures he has even been white golden red and black. God can taken on any form so a specific colour is of no big deal. God hase as a fish boar wild man with lionian head brahmin kshtriya vaishya (Yadava) to show that divinity exists in any and every form. Species race ethnicity gender colour these are only labels. God exists beyond them all. God is reflected in the soul of every creature in the universe. Let us embrace God in every hue possible.
What would you ban in India if you had a chance?
The Madh island hotel raid We as Indians want the freedom to love. Going to a hotel with a person you love and want to be with is not a criminal offense. Female foeticide We wish as women we had the freedom to be born and the freedom to live. Its about time the government and people of this nation understood that a girl child is as much or even more of an asset to India as men. Littering While the Swach Bharat Abhiyan was started amidst a lot of fan fare it doesn t seem to have caught on. Littering needs to stop. We need the freedom to live in a healthy and clean world. Tuberculosis and other endemic diseases Tuberculosis malaria dengue leptospirosis are all diseases that are eating away at our country. While we have made significant steps in thwarting their progression we need to free India and Indians from the clutches of these ailments. Interference in what we watch The recent porn ban brought to light the apathy of the government and the level that it willing to go to tourniquet our freedom to choose. While I believe that we are all adults and should have the freedom to choose the porn ban showed is exactly what the government thinks we have the right to do. Quacks So called doctors without a degree performing surgeries opening nursing homes and medical stores need to be stopped. We need the freedom to have faith in the medical profession and its sanctity. Corruption Bribery making substandard materials for the government scams all need to stop now! Making life easy for themon man is the only we can survive. Inequality How rich you are what cast you belong or what position you hold in society is not reason to look down on someone or even treat them badly. Anybody anywhere doing any kind of job deserves respect. Freedom to live equally is the need of the hour. Use of plastics Plastic is terrible for your health and for the environment. We need to be free of this menace. Deforestation we are a growing nation and the ever increasing population needs homes to live in. But every tree we cut leads to an exponential increase in level of global warming. This Independence day lets wow to plant more trees. Dry days The prohibition on drinking alcohol on certain days is yet another way to stem our freedom to choose. A holiday may mean a day to drink for some and may not mean the same for others. We want the freedom to choose. Heavy school bags Children as young as those in the first and second standard carry heavy school bags and walk to school. Let s give them a break and allow them to lighten their load. Homelessness people living on the streets and in hutments on the footpaths need to stop. We need better housing. Adulterated foods being able to buy healthy and safe food is something we all need. Adulteration just to earn a quick buck is something we need to stop. Service taxes Spending your hard earned money enjoying a meal at a restaurant should not be taxed. We need the freedom to enjoy a hearty meal without service tax. And the freedom to tip as per the service rendered. Peeing in public If you want to relieve yourself when you are outside your home find a toilet and do so. Public walls and nullahs are not your personal toilets. We need the freedom to live in a cleaner nation. Open defecation There are many for whom a toilet in the house is a luxury but open defecation has to stop. We need the freedom to live in a cleaner and safer world. Rapes It is not a woman s fault it is not the clothes she wears nor the way she walks. Not how old she is or the fact that she looked at a man. Rapes are a show of power. We as women need the freedom to live in a safer country where men are friends brothers and husbands not rapists. Pedestrians As people who drive need to learn to follow road safety rules. People who walk on the roads need to be more conscious of how they are hindering a driver s ability to stay and keep you safe. We need more educated and aware of the risks they are taking as they walk in front of a speeding vehicle. Junk food Not only is this kind of food addictive it is also terrible for your health. It s about time we banned junk food. Marital rape Still legal in India this has to stop. Now! Child abuse Enough said not enough done. People and governments must wake up to this reality and teach our kids to recognise good and bad when ites to people. Interview for school admission A child is yet to grow yet to learn and can be anything you mould him to be. Interviewing them is just a way to teach them early on that they may or may not match up to the standards of society. Do they really need that? Khap panchayat Elders living in an era when things were a lot more different meting out punishments that do not match the crime and being treated as God needs to stop. Gender inequality Unequal wages and promotions for women and men must change. Women must be recognised as a force to reckon with. Prolonging court cases Legal battles that go on for years victims asked to narrate their story umpteen times in packed court rooms criminals let go scot free corrupt lawyers judges who pass judgements because they know someone in the criminal s family. Needs to stop. Needs to change. Now. Severing ties with your parents and siblings because you get married and are now a daughter-in-law A woman s family is the same as a man s. Why this disparity in whom she can show affection towards? High cost of primary education Education is the cornerstone of a stronger nation. Not providing quality primary education not only stems this growth it also worsens our changes of culling out great leaders for the future. Illiterate leaders Criminals people who have barely been to kindergarten and those who cannot even sign their name (in any language) are our leaders. These are the people who we hope will take us into the future. Its time we chose wisely. Not giving work life balance for employees Overworked and underpaid employees are far too many. It s time we recognised that their families also matter. Politicians talking about women and rape When you are a man who has no idea about what rape does to a woman emotionally. You have no right to voice an opinion. Brain-dead movies Movies that are made just to burn black money and kill the audiences brain cells must be banned. Immediately. Black money Huge amounts of wealth amassed and stored by people while the other half of society cannot afford a roof over their head and three full meals. Time we did away with this. Misuse of domestic violence laws Yes they were made to protect women but today these laws are being misused to target innocent men too. This has to stop. Ladies let s be a little more prudent with the few laws made to protect us. Emergency medical assistance Letting an ambulance pass by emergency facilities and phone numbers that actually work and can help a person in need is definitely the need of the hour. We need freedom from the lack of proper medical care. ordered-list Thanks for reading italic Source 69 things we wish were actually banned in a free India s
Which is world's most visited website?
Friends I love to do it very much so I visit many websites several times a day some of which are as follows. (I hope this wille in less of the people as well) Free Job Alerts Government Bank Jobs and All This is a Recruitment Sharing Website that tells us about the uing and currently available jobs !!! You can get information about any government job with the help of this website !! All the information available on this is 1% so you can save your time with the right information. - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems This is an AC website where you can convert files to pdf pdf to word word to pdf pdf to jpg etc format and many more pdf We can merge files Youtube to MP3 Converter This is an AC website with the help of which you can download any song or any audio file available on Youtube in .mp3 format for this you have to copy the of that video of youtube then listen to Youtube The website has to be pasted on the header and then clicking on the GO button converts it to MP3 format. Mailinator d friends if you are also fond of doing the internet then you must have seen many Saadi websites asking us to log in and as soon as you sing in your mail eid a lot of unnecessary mail startsing to your mail. To avoid this problem you can go to the originator and use a temporary mail id which is deleted after few hours !!! Friends I do not think there is a need to ex the reason for visiting this website then let me know that I get a lot of useful information on this so I use this website Read more A Trusted SEO Service Provider Company in the World s